Embedded Finance

Payment processing infrastructure

Embedded Finance

Plusius provides optimized payment processing infrastructure and caters to the entire payment life cycle, from aggregated collection to split settlements with escrow as an included service.

We enable merchants to accept, process, and settle electronic payments from customers. The system complies with various security and compliance standards to ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive payment information.

Seamless Shopping Experience

E-commerce | B2C | B2B

About Köpa

Köpa is the unified commerce solution platform that utilizes the decentralization of user data out of Web 3.0 perspective (no crypto) for retailers, which enables them never to lose a customer and to increase retention while reducing the cost of operations. The service is a two-step shopping experience by clicking or scanning the QR code or even a Barcode and confirming by clicking SHOP.

This results in an omni-channel fast checkout experience and the possibility to shop from anywhere and anywhere, including, but not limited to, online, social media, physical shops, and physical items.

Simplifying Payments

In the case with Köpa, Plusius serves them as the main Financial Partner. Köpa represents a type of platform where one central entity has a lot of merchants and consumers. The mapping and scalability between  between the two has to be optimized in a very complex ways. Köpa is here to try win world first within a really advanced things on a consumer to merchant level that Plusius can provide within the EU and EEA area. 

For example, making sure that all parcels having their duties and taxes collected, but also making sure that consumers can be tagged across their shopping behavior. We keep track of the customers and use their checkout information over the entire global landscape of their platform. The result is a much more granular data for prevention of finance terrorism and money laundering.

Revolutionary Checkout

Data consignment has proved to be a sensitive issue for banks trying to match transactions with payers and receivers. Plusius provides Köpa with pay-in and pay-out in multiple currencies and payment options and settlement Accounts for VAT/GST collection.

Köpa uses KYC/KYB & AML Plusius' tools to run checks for its clients and the ins and outgoing transactions as required by law. Köpa's pay-outs will have sufficient liquidity to receive payments and collateral.

Hassle-Free Deliveries

Plusius empowers EVRi's customers for hassle-free deliveries. Plusius handles EVRi’s incoming and outgoing payments from various sources, and ensures exchange for multiple currencies, as well as client funds management.

With Plusius' solution, EVRi is able to collect VAT and ensure payment of customs and VAT, giving them full control over the entire supply chain.

This streamlined approach results in faster parcel deliveries, reduced manual handling, and complete compliance with regulatory authorities, benefiting EVRi and its customers.