Comprehensive anti-money laundering services stick to
the core of our business

We use third party actors, lists and behaviour patterns to flag suspicious conducts and to prevent fraud. Along, we give the companies affected by possible money laundering the tools to act. 

Our services, all of them, has no money source based in cash. There is no source of money that isn't coming from a bank or financial institute which in turn has got their funds from a bank. The entire chain is and will continue to be 100 % traceable.


Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering has its own dedicated team within Plusius combined with an investigative unit to follow up and work with our clients. The overall objective is not to stop business but to enable them to sell without hiccups.

Politically Exposed Persons 

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their relatives can live normal lives, we just need to know that they are there and flag suspicious behaviors. Being PEP isn't per automation a limiting factor in the day-to-day business life.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who we do business with, knowing their clients, understanding the business being made and above all - making sure that we are all safe, we are seeing to it that our clients aren't exposed to any risk. It all starts with asking those extra questions.

Pattern Recognition

Understanding a pattern, based on millions of transactions, makes us single out those people, businesses and transactions that can hurt our clients. AML, PEP and KYC - all play into the mix. Pattern recognition is a tool available to our biggest clients, given the vast amount of data needed.


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