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About EVRi

EVRi provides delivery and collection services, for small and medium-sized enterprises and members of the public via doorstep collection.

The company is now the biggest dedicated parcel delivery company in the UK offering 7-day delivery solutions for anyone who wants to send a parcel. EVRi works alongside 80% of the UK’s top retail brands and in cross-border received £9M in 2021 to expand their cross-border offer.

EVRi is using various logistics systems to deliver parcels across UK and EU. These systems help EVRi with controls of, among other things, customs, and the VAT reporting to authorities. All involved in the handling of sending a parcel cross-border, from the sender to the carrier, are responsible for ensuring that customs and VAT are paid. If not, the authorities are able to find all parties or/and send the parcels back to its origin.

Breaking Barriers: EVRi's Challenges and Solutions in Cross-Border Parcel Deliveries

One of the problems EVRi has faced is ensuring that customs and VAT are to be paid by the end customers and then guarantee this to the relevant authorities for parcel deliveries.

Another problem is handling these payments, as, by law, companies are not allowed to manage other people's money - only banks and institutions have a permit for this.

EVRi sought a payment solution from banks and payment institutions, but no company has been able to handle incoming and outgoing payments from various sources and currencies.

Payment Process Infrastructure

EVRi introduced a new portal exclusively for private individuals, powered by Plusius, which simplifies payment flows by allowing end customers to pay customs and VAT directly during checkout. This means EVRi no longer has to handle the payment process to ensure it reaches the appropriate tax authority in the country of arrival.

With this system, EVRi can now easily verify if a parcel has had duties and VAT paid for, addressing the lack of an existing customs system to check and manage these payments. This eliminates the need to rely solely on trust in the sender and carrier for this information.

With a proof of concept, Plusius handles logistics companies' incoming and outgoing payments globally, escrows money, and settles in multiple currencies including the settlement to all 27 Tax Agencies in the EU for IOSS Tax payments. Plusius has optimized and automated the Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) flows and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) clearance for smooth finance management.