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About Plusius

Plusius is a Swedish fintech whose technology enables customers to grow their revenues, ensure regulatory compliance and improve customer experience in global e-commerce. We operate in the EU/EEA region and we focus on cross-border companies doing business in these countries, helping them save money every time they perform a transaction.

The company combines game-changing tech capability with a financial license. This means we are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with the solutions they require to maximize the enormous opportunities for growth in international e-commerce.

Success in today’s world of cross-border e-commerce means being able to collect, escrow and split payment streams quickly and efficiently.


To deliver tailored, secure, and sustainable embedded finance solutions that empower businesses worldwide.

Our Vision

To accelerate and automate the global movement of money for clients using advanced payment infrastructures so they can stay compliant while focusing on their core operations.

A series of core values guided the establishment of Plusius and continue to shape our daily operations. 



We prioritize creating a workplace where people from all backgrounds feel welcome and supported.



By providing a secure, compliant, transparent, and high-performing infrastructure, we earn the trust of our customers and employees but also our extended family.



Clear communication, accountability and tight collaboration creates strong bond in what we do and with who we do it.



Act before others do and focus on where ‘standard’ isn’t enough.We strive to make our customers’ daily lives easier with flexible financial services.

Our Story

Andreas Wickberg and Magnus Hogfeldt came together to create Plusius, a company that would revolutionize the world of international ecommerce. Andreas, a fintech expert, and Magnus, an expert in developing scalable businesses, combined their skills to develop a cutting-edge platform that provides customers with a suite of financial solutions critical in today's world.

Since its inception in 2019, Plusius has grown into a thriving organization with some of the brightest minds in tech engineering, business development, and compliance. But the founders didn't stop there. They also sought the support of experienced business leaders to guide their growth, including Eva Cederbalk, who chaired Klarna for seven years and was CEO of SBAB Bank for eight years.


Hakan Nyberg, a seasoned CEO with experience at Nordnet Bank and Ikano Bank, Lars O Andersson, who has worked for IBM, TietoEvry, Forex Bank, and Transcendent Group, and Jonas Alsen, one of Plusius's first investors who has worked for over 25 years in China building operations for western multinationals, make up the rest of the board.

Together, the Plusius team and their experienced board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. They have what it takes to run a complex financial organization and take a business from start-up to global scale-up. At Plusius, you can trust that you're working with an experienced team dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to meet your needs.

Andreas Wickberg

Founder | CEO

Magnus Högfeldt

Founder | CCO

Funds and flows reconciliation

Plusius is part of the funds and monetary flows conciliation, representing the missing link between a consumer and a merchant. We ensure all PSP options are optimized for people and businesses no matter the country, without charging unnecessary costs to reconciliate transactions. Our solution starts working when PSPs stop and represents the final step for finalizing any purchase or payment.


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