Advanced payouts splitting
of multinational transactions
and multi-currency flows

Plusius offers financial services—from collection to settlement with escrow and payment splits as a standard service. Regardless of the complexity of your payment streams, we facilitate payouts to multiple recipients in real-time; whilst covering the enhanced KYC/AML work for you.


Transactions & FX

We extend your PSPs capabilities. We provide digital payments and complex optimization of monetary flows between countries and currencies.

Real-time transactions

We are integrated directly with all major payment networks through our banks partners.

Money insured

We transfer and convert currencies within seconds, always safeguarding your funds in your settlement currency. No risks, no surprising FX costs.

Multi-currency flows

Splitting and escrowing payments in real-time over several countries and currencies? No problem.

No currency risk

Your funds are always stored within the major banks in Settlement Accounts on your behalf.


We start where PSPs end

The last step of all types of trade, after payments happen, is to settle the merchants, the freight contractors, taxes, and any other included counterparty in a total landing cost. We remove the hidden fees in the flow and payout each partaker at the same moment.

Plusius optimizes monetary flows based on country and currency with your local PSP before settling currencies towards the seller. Thus, you have a full control on trade between regions, regardless of the number of PSPs you use locally and regardless of the type.

30 +


EU/EEA region is our home, we focus on cross-border enterprises paying -in and -out of our region, saving a few pennies at the time, millions of times.



One system to rule them all? AML, PEP, Watchlists and Sanctions Screening, all in one place. We facilitate escrow services for Tax Intermediaries for a regulated market within the EU/EEA.

Escrow accounts in all
G10 currencies

E-commerce, gig-economy platforms, tournament engines, all are settling VAT, Toll and taxes at a later date. Our escrow service solution reduces the volatility between currencies as we store funds in the settlement currency of the recipient (merchant, carrier company etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

Payouts can happen everyday, including weekends and bank holidays.
Yes we can, however we are not the PSP, you need to keep your payment initiator for direct bank payments. This is not plug and play.
Yes, we do not issue invoices nor credits but we fix this locally in the collection currencies and avoid FX costs on the funds multiple times.

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