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Eventful Year

December 22. 2021

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2021 Year, Word Of The CEO:

"What an eventful year! It has been challenging to be a CEO during hyper growth but, oh, so fun. I have spent the last 12 years of my professional life coaching startups in growth stages. Being there for entrepreneurs, and it feels amazing to be in the seat myself.

I will jump right to it, I hope you'll enjoy and appreciate the following journey.

Negotiations and tons of paperwork, last mile brushing just before final decision regarding the PI-License.

We got our EEA license as a payment institution after years of building systems and routines for Risk, Regulatory standards and Compliance processes.

We got 100 mSEK valuation proved by injecting 10 mSEK in a seed round.

Recruiting of 10 new individuals within Finance, Legal, Risk and Development.

We started onboarding our new employees, all from different backgrounds. We moved all to our HQ in Örebro which meant moving entire families to Sweden with all the paperwork that follows.

At the same time our revenue streams start - and its no longer a theoretical company.

First transactions - going from 0 income to onboarding hundreds of clients.

Web Summit - where we are approached by no less than 5 VCs interested in following us, one of whom wants to initiate talks about a full merger or purchase of Plusius. Onboarding more clients and initiating discussions with 24 new Global organizations - all of which can be strategic partners to us.

Summarizing a Year - OH, WOW, WHAT A YEAR!

The Plusius stock is not public but is trading steadily around 250 mSEK valuation and 4 new owners are welcomed in December. 

In the short weeks we have had transactions of a few hundred thousands EUR, but as you can imagine, this is our first wobbling steps towards something greater."

- Andreas Wickberg, Co-Founder and CEO