White Paper

Duty & Tax Collection, Plusius

Save. Earn. Prevent

March 06. 2024

Time to read: 7 min

Say goodbye to the hassles of DDU shipments and embrace the seamless transformation to DDP shipments effortlessly with the DutyPlus solution integrated via API.

DutyPlus is powered by Plusius' cutting-edge solution designed to streamline complex payment processes while ensuring compliance, traceability, and control. Whether you're engaged in C2C, B2C, or B2B cross-border supply chains, DutyPlus is your ultimate ally for success. 



''This is the breakthrough e-commerce has been waiting for: With the final piece of the puzzle, businesses gain full control over cross-border payments, paving the way for new ventures and streamlined compliance."

- Rudee Bertie, Cross-border e-commerce expert