Founding of Finleg

May 02. 2021 | Andreas Wickberg

Our internal FINLEG (Finance and Legal) team has gotten 4 new members, all heavily skilled and experienced professionals from banking and accounting/audit organizations from Sweden and China. They will solely work with risk routines, assessments, support and functions around our payments.

In the team we have qualified senior lawyers, finance and banking experts. The highly skilled professionals have a deep understanding of the risk control routines applicable for each specific operation. Our FINLEG team assesses and tests its own routines as well as tracking changes in the market on a recurring interval.

The FINLEG team follows the mission:

- to handle the risk assessment on financial flows, legal parts associated with it and laws adherence;

- to report to the Finance Supervisory Authority in an agile way given our diverse client base and to keep the control on money transactions;

- to comply with the Finance Supervisory Authority norms on the risk control and legal functions, as KYB and KYC systems communicate between all parties on measuring the risk level of clients and risk loss prevention;

- to report to committees on potential risks, serving as a bridge and support group between all areas within Plusius;

- to keep a high degree of privacy, confidentiality and security as internal information cannot be breached outside the organization.

Our first internal dedicated team for finance and legal work - welcome!