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The Future of Duty Collection with DutyPlus

September 29. 2023

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, compliance has emerged as a pivotal revenue stream for companies worldwide. Plusius proudly introduces "DutyPlus" - a groundbreaking solution that not only makes staying compliant effortless but also turns it into a financially rewarding endeavour.

Across the globe, the entire supply chain - encompassing freight forwarders, merchants, shippers, customs, and couriers - is intricately tied to the collection of duties and TAX. This necessitates stringent compliance measures, often mandating proof at the parcel level that duties and taxes have been settled. Moreover, customs brokers must demonstrate parcel clearance to couriers, particularly when utilizing third-party last-mile distributors.


What is DutyPlus?

DutyPlus promotes environmentally conscious practices and represents the ‘duty’ of responsibility of every business towards its:


Seamless Transactions, Simplified Reconciliation

DutyPlus streamlines extensive transactional processes, simplifies reconciliation procedures, and enables immediate settlements. It empowers businesses to proactively adhere to regulatory requirements, ultimately fostering customer satisfaction.


Tailor-made for Compliance and Efficient Money Collection

DutyPlus is meticulously designed for compliance and efficient money collection. It offers couriers a seamless and cost-effective integration for Duties and Tax collection prior to parcel delivery. This innovative solution conducts crucial checks such as sanctions, PEP, Denied Party Screening, Dual Purpose Screening, and Prohibited Goods checks. Additionally, it provides a risk score in accordance with FATF guidelines.


Embracing Responsibility

DutyPlus not only champions compliance but also embodies the 'duty' of responsibility every business holds towards its customers, partners, and regulatory bodies. It promotes environmentally conscious practices, aligning with today's sustainability-focused landscape through fewer parcel returns and Co2 emissions.


A Holistic Solution: LogiSync Integration

To further enhance your operations, DutyPlus integrates seamlessly with our LogiSync software through a white-labeled collection website. This pivotal component ensures the transformation of Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) also known as Delivered at Place (DAP) parcels into Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). With LogiSync, your databases stay updated in real-time. The collection website is fortified with fraud protection and 3DS for enhanced security, while Plusius takes full accountability for payment complexities.


Future-Proof Compliance

DutyPlus doesn't just meet today's compliance standards, it anticipates and adapts to tomorrow's even stricter regulations. It offers a clear audit trail for each parcel, guaranteeing a seamless compliance process and significantly reducing instances of parcels becoming stuck or returned.

Elevate your compliance strategy with DutyPlus today. Embrace a future where compliance not only safeguards your business but also fuels its growth. With Plusius'  DutyPlus innovative solution, you can transform the challenge of compliance into a source of competitive advantage. Join us in redefining compliance for businesses worldwide.