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Meet Our Sales Director: Martijn Schneider joins Plusius

January 09. 2024

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We are glad to introduce the newest addition to our leadership team, Martijn Schneider, who has joined us as Sales Director. Martijn brings a wealth of experience in the field of cross-border logistics, technology, Customs clearance and compliance. With his entrepreneurial mindset and proven track record of driving growth, Martijn is a great addition to Plusius.



Martijn has a diverse background in various industries and companies, ranging from corporates to startups.  A significant portion of his professional journey has been dedicated to cross-border logistics and e-commerce. He worked for different industry leaders, where he successfully held Business Development and Commercial leadership roles. In these roles, Martijn has proven to be a strategic thinker, capable also of putting concepts into practice/bringing these to market. Resulting in strong growth for the companies he worked for.

Martijn gained a lot of experience in working on the intersection of technology, logistics and compliance in different geographies.  In addition to that, he has experience as a (startup) entrepreneur in both B2C e-commerce and KYC/compliance domains. 

Martijn has a clear ability to establish connections across diverse cultures and disciplines, enabling him to build bridges on a global scale. In this role in Plusius his combined experience makes him a perfect match.


About Martijn

Martijn resides with his family (wife and three children) in the Netherlands. During his leisure hours, he engages in a range of sports, including tennis, mountain biking, and his big passion, skiing. Additionally, he enjoys life with cooking and exploring new travel destinations.


Martijn's mission with DutyPlus? To elevate it to new heights. His strategic acumen and dynamic approach align seamlessly with our growth ambitions.


‘’From the first contact onwards, I was inspired by the proposition and potential of Plusius as a company, as well as the people driving it. I am thrilled to join the highly ambitious Plusius team and in my role as Sales Director further drive the growth and development of Plusius and the DutyPlus product in specific’’

- Martijn Schneider


"We are delighted about welcoming Martijn as our Sales Director, signifying a promising growth for Plusius in 2024. We aim to establish Plusius as a global leader in managing customs and VAT for C2C and B2C shipments, forging strong partnerships with carriers, customs brokers, and freight forwarders.’’

- Magnus Högfeldt


We eagerly anticipate the dynamic leadership, innovative perspectives, and wealth of experience that Martijn Schneider brings to our organization. His ambition to thrive in a fast-paced, internationally oriented, and growing environment perfectly resonates with our vision for the future.

Welcome aboard, Martijn!