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Andreas Wickberg was elected CEO for Plusius

February 27. 2020

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The word of the CEO:

Hi I have my past in tech and financial industries from all perspectives. I have been consulting banks, financial institutes and remittance companies for many years.

My style as a technical/financial leader is usually a square, its not very agile until it needs to be and I have found that to work perfectly in Financial companies. When it comes to being a leader amongst colleagues most people tell me I am the funny guy always armed with a funny joke or two. I tend to be two very different persons in my decision making as a professional and a friend to my colleagues.

I aim for Plusius to become a place where everyone wants to work, where people can learn and teach new skills. I am eager to use new technology and "support systems" and I am looking for people who would like to join us who have a balance between trying new things and setting a very real goal that we have to achieve. Avoiding too much "Change Management" as well as staying on top of our game is, and always will be, a challenge.

The first order of business for the employees is to recognize that there are more aspects to life than work/not work; there is so much that needs to work for us as humans to really thrive in our work environment. The second order of business for the employees is to "Earn or Learn", the salary politics I try to enforce is both. My wish is to see to it that every employee does one of the two in the beginning, and both over time while working with us.

Why did I start talking about the employees you might think? Well a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, I have a decade of being a CEO behind me and what I have learned is that the right people really can carry the weight of the world if they have to. And if you are a good boss, they don't have to. Creating a startup and a financial institute is going to require some really bright minds and it's our responsibility to make them as good as they can be and give them all the tools necessary.

I am looking forward to meet the challenges ahead, I won't guess what they might be yet.