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100 mSEK valuation

April 01. 2021

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Magnus Carlsson, investor in primarily real estate and currently CEO of the Husman Group with a portfolio of 6 billion SEK has invested 10 million SEK at a 100 million SEK valuation in Plusius. The investment itself is not the first outside real estate even though they are very rare.

Plusius revenue to date comes from consulting of companies around their monetary strategies and also supplying technology expertise to be able to fully automate and scale.

February 2021 Plusius got its own, very special, financial license which opens up doors that still remain closed to many other Financial Institutions and Banks.

Pre-revenue on financial income(the big news) and post-license, Plusius planned to open a round to raise 10 million SEK at a 100 million SEK evaluation - within the first days of the "would be" campaign to raise the capital we were done. Magnus Carlson as the sole investor committed to the full amount of 10 million SEK.