Plusius is her own Financial Institution

February 11. 2021 | Andreas Wickberg

After hard work and a lot of documents back and forth, we are now supervised under FI.

The persons working behind the organisation Plusius has worked with financial technology and financial institutions in many forms for a long time. Our CFO is a banker, we have built remittance services and on top of that consulted the startups using the Financial Institutions.

We had a great start with a lot of influence from an early backer in Youcal and the previous banking/financial experience of several people in/around the organisation, another Financial institute, on top of that we invested nearly 2000 hours more building risk assessment tools and advanced models which we validate while using them.


We are proud to be able to handle and manipulate payment streams, FX optimisation and all other fun things we can experience during a day at work.

  • A-platform is for accessing your own money when you are outside your payment loop.
  • B-platform is for advanced money splitting/holding/exchanging and is our first offer to the market.
  • C-platform is for optimised flows in regards of reimbursements, primarily for flight tickets and VAT.

We are delighted to start, right out the box with very interesting business cases and potential partners.