Internal procedures within the Financial and Legal team

Ensure that your business is safe and that you aren’t acting on behalf of clients who conduct money laundering or terrorist financing. With Plusius, banks and enterprises know exactly to whom a transaction belongs.

Risk control

As a Financial Institution, Plusius has two main routine areas predetermined to monitor the payment conduct. First comes the FINLEG team that handles the risk control, AML and more, with a key focus on regulatory compliance and procedures pursuant to our Financial policies. Second comes the internal auditing which is conducted by an internationally certified audit company specialised on payments and financial institutions. They are tasked to oversee/audit the in-house proceedings, and that we on a recurring interval assess our own routines and evolve with the ever-changing market around us.


Our Finance and Legal team (FINLEG) makes sure our customers are safe and the risk control routines comply with the Standards of Financial Supervisory Authority.

In the team we have qualified senior lawyers, finance and banking experts. The highly skilled professionals have a deep understanding of the risk control routines applicable for each specific operation. Our FINLEG team assesses and tests its own routines as well as tracking changes in the market on a recurring interval.

FINLEG mission 

The Financial and Legal team of Plusius follows the mission of insuring a full compliance with the Financial Inspection norms on the risk control and legal functions, as KYB and KYC systems communicate between all parties on measuring the risk level of clients and risk loss prevention.

A team of experts handle the risk assessment on financial flows, legal parts associated with it and laws adherence. The financial inspection is conducted in an agile method keeping the control on money transactions.

FINLEG secures data with a high degree of privacy and confidentiality as internal information can not be breached outside the organization.

Moneo role

Moneo AB is an internal audit company certified in risk management which helps the FINLEG team with evaluating procedures.

Moneo acts as an extra layer of security and control function on top of the already many layers of control at work within Plusius. The layers of security are our main concern; therefore, the internal audit company makes sure Plusius acts in line with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Swedish Finance Inspection)'s arrangements.

Thus, the risk control routines and directions conceived by Plusius are revised to serve the financial and legal practices at the full capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The money is safeguarded in settlement accounts covered by an insurance and traded in incoming exchange bulks 4 times per hour.
Plusius is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden to collect funds, transfer money, issue payment instruments, settle transaction amounts and escrow.

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